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One-time Strong Adhesion(ST-09LMG)

ST-09LMG is a powerful 6-cell magnetic mount with thorough force of attraction and a flexible stand with acrylic strong adhesive at the stand that holds your device on any surface. Full 360 rotation allows you to view your phone from any desired angle while keeping your hands on the wheel


l   6-cell of Neodymium Magnets provides a strong secure hold your phone.  Free grip arm design allows open access easily.

l   Ball head with rubber lock-knob provides you 360-degree rotation; patented joint design helps you adjust optimal tilt angle.

l   Package includes 2 metal plates with 3M adhesion to keep phone or protective case planted on the mount.

l   4.7cm square bendable stand sticks to any flat, rough, dry and anti-dust surface and fit on any curved dashboard.

l   The transparent stand with strong acrylic adhesion can be used for car, home or office;  no any residue and trace when moved the mount.

l  Temperature, UV, vibration resistant  


Users instruction

1.    Clean the surface with enclosed alcohol pad, while the surface totally dry, stick the mount

2.    Firmly press and hold in place for about 10 seconds

3.    Let it stand for at least 12 hours before using


Note: if the sticking area is curved surface, you can bend the base, ensure the acrylic adhesion fully attached on surface




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