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Magnetic  Mount (ST-07MG)


ST-07MG is a powerful magnetic mount with thorough force of attraction
and a flexible stand with 3M adhesive tape at the bottom that holds your device on any surface. Full 360 degree rotation allows you to view your phone from any desired angle while keeping your hands on the wheel.

360 DEGREE SWIVEL Same as our other product, its important to choose how you want to glance at your phone by adjusting ball joint.

GREAT DURABILITY It can hold up all phone sizes, light tablets, and mobile devices. Its time to swiveling or rotating your phone without falling off!

POWERFUL MAGNETS The gadget comes with strong magnets providing the best force of attraction; the swift-snap holder allows you to snap on and off your device easily.

3M ADHESIVE BASE  The mount is very easy to be stuck onto many smooth surfaces and it will stay firmly in place regardless of any road impact.

COMPATIBLE WITH MANY SURFACES Use it in your bedroom, office, car, kitchen, bathroom vanity or simply anywhere you prefer.



-Diameter 36.8 mm



-Round black metal plate+3M adhesive (diameter: 38m)

-Rectangular black metal plate (66*40.5mm)

-Clear film (47*47mm)


1.  Remove the red backing of the 3M adhesive and tick on your desired flat surface.

(*Note: The 3M adhesive does not support some rough/leather surfaces properly. When install, please press firmly about 1-2 miAnutes, and better wait up to 24 hours before attach any device.)

2. Adjust your desired angle by rotating the turning knob.

3. Place the metal plate within the case, or stick the metal plate directly onto the back of your phonePlease note that the adhesive tape is suggested to be used only once.

4. Snap on your phone and find your perfect viewing angle.



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