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Universal Two-sided Magnetic Car Mount

Aluminum Magnetic Mount (MG-01-6)

Digidock MG-01-6 is the latest, innovative mobile device holder that provides more options for users to hold their device easily and quickly. The two-sided magnetic force allows users to place it on ferromagnetic material surface or simply pick off the red backing of the 3M adhesive and stick on any flat surface.

The refined, stand-free design that comes with black rubber finish and aluminum frame provides a clean and modern look when you leave it alone on any surface. Its perfect for mounting your device firmly without any disturbance.


l   MUlTI FUNCTION It works with different scenarios yet it will always secure your device nicely; you can snap it on ferromagnetic material surface directly or simply pick off the clear backing of the 3M adhesive and stick on any flat surface.

l   MODERN LOOK The black rubber finish and aluminum frame team up the simplest and cleanest look. It does not take up too much space or block your air vent.

l   EASY TO USE Design for convenient, light-weighted and one-handed action use. That means you can always glance at your device without any disturbance while you are busy on something else. Simply place your desired metal plate at the back of your device and install the magnetic mount at any flat surface. No extra tools required.

l   GREAT DURABILITY It can hold up all phone sizes, light tablets, and mobile devices with its high quality rubber base wrapped with aluminum frame. Its time to swiveling or rotating your phone without falling off.

l   POWERFUL 6-CELL MAGNETS The gadget comes with 6 cells of magnet providing the best force of attraction; more, the attraction force at the bottom is stronger than the one on top, thus its easy to snap on and off your device without pulling off the magnets.



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