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Magnetic Dashboard Mount

Magnetic Stand Mount (ST-03)

ST-03 is a dual ends magnet smartphone holder and stand with 6-cell magnet.  The 2 spherical-joints design is convenient to adjust  magnetic holder in best positions, allowing you a sturdy hold and optimal phone viewing; also much easier adjust in good place with a swivel post.  It is perfect car companion, versatile and advantage, your phone is always at a hands reach.

It comes with 3 pieces of adhesive metallic plate and one piece of clear adhesive film.  Clear Adhesive film with thin metal plate provides a way to make the magnetic surface on the smartphone, without any concern to damage the material, and no residue left.  Another thick plate can be used to create another magnetic surface on dashboard, or windshield or any place you want. 

Not only in car, you can take this amazing gadget everywhere you go; even to your job, party, buses, gym, it allows great hands free access while working, taking photo/ video and excise.


l   Powerful Magnet: 6-cell of magnets built-in each end, making sure to hold any kind of cellphones even small tablet pc at any angle

l   2 spherical-joints design:  Easy to rotate 360 degree and bend 100 degree at any angle.  A swivel knob helps you to fix the joints, avoid your cellphone move even on bumpy road.

l   Compact size and lightweight: only 74g weigh and 8cm high, easy to hand-carry on-the-go

l   Utility gadget to your lifestyle : Produce a hand free access no matter where you are, in car, office, kitchen, gym, or outdoor activities.






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