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Multiple car charging adaptor

CRUX Multiple car charging adaptor MCA-5168 multiple cigarette charging adapter is compatible with most all of the car appliances in the 12V / 24V vehicle, like GPS, Dash Camear,Coffee maker, cooler box etc. And 4 USB charging ports allow charging 4 devices simultaneously at full speed such like tablet pc, smartphone. 3 independent power switches for each lighter socket with low profile LED lights help energy-saving and lifespan expanding.


l  3-SOCKET CIGARTETTE LIGHTER Three 12/24V cigarette lighter socket, provide a total   

      power up to 120W, enough for simultaneous use of a variety of portable appliances like dash   

      cam, GPS,TPMS, seat heater, handheld vacuum cleaner and other small appliance in your car   

      ( 12V/24V)

l  4-PORT USB CAR CHARGER- Four USB charging ports with 6.8A total output enables users   

      to speed charge their tablets or smartphones simultaneously at their full speed.  Supports all   

      kind of smartphones and other USB devices.

l  POWER ON/OFF SWITCH : CRUX MCA-5168 designed with on/off power button for energy-

      saving and devices protection.  It is not necessary to plug in and out your device from car

      socket frequently, and expand your devices lifespan.  Internal SMART IC technology detects

      your devices to charge more efficiency and safety.

l  3 independent on/off LED power buttons for each cigarette lighter sockets: It reduces the

      insertion or pull-out of devices, prolongs product lifespan without affecting other charging


l   SAFETY PROTECTION: It has voltage warning indicator.  LED display on the car outlet splitter

      helps monitoring your car battery when the voltage under 10.5V, screen flashing alarm on the


l   Certified by RoHS, CE and FCC

l   Provide 3 pieces of lid for protection from wet dropping into cigarette sockets.

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