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CRUX Quick Clamp Smartphone Holder

CRUX Quick Clamp Smartphone Holder is a universal smartphone holder that can be mounted in many flat surfaces. It features a universal holder which can hold up a smartphone between 3.5 to 6.3 screen; a lever mechanism with rubber finish locking your mount firmly; an easy-operation suction base with sticky gel adhered.

Alongside the two-side grip, the PU suction base also aims to provide the most stable mounting experience. The holder that never falls is definitely a dream product you can have on the road.


SNUG AND STURDY FIT Avoid any accidental slip or drop while driving on a bumpy road; the rubber pad design on the holder can prevent scratches as well as secure your device in place.

360 DEGREE SWIVEL Same as our other product, its important to choose how you want to glance at your phone by adjusting ball joint.

ONE-CLICK QUICK RELEASE BUTTON Place your device with no hassle by pressing the quick release button to extend the arm. One-hand operation design saves your time and energy.

TWO-SIDE GRIP A simple yet vital structure is all you need.

ADHESIVE STABLIZER After several use, the PU pad can be slightly rinsed with water and air dry to bring it back and it looks just like new.


1. Apply Alcohol Pad to clean a flat and safe surface on the windshield or dashboard.

2. Remove the clear backing from the PU pad at the bottom.

3. Find your preferred spot and pull down the locking lever to lock the mount in place.

4. Click the Quick Release button to place your phone.

5. Rotate to find your perfect viewing angle.

6. To remove, simply pull up the locking lever and pull the tab of the suction cup.



From 55mm to 88mm in width

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