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Seamless and Resuable HOOK

HK-1002 contains 2 pcs of 10cm x 10cm size hook.
This 10x10cm stickers with hook is made with a special re-adhesive backing.No hole drilling,no nail required.

When the adhesive loses stickiness,simply wash with water,rub off dirt,let air dry and it will be ready to use again.Handy and useful for home,office,apartment,dorm or anywhere you wish to hang objects without drilling or nails.Adhesive backing won't leave residue and can be easily reapplied.


To put on

Stick on smooth,flat,dust-free surface,tiles,wood,marble,metal,glass,mirror

Press around the hook to releaseair bubbles

Load capacity-5KG

To remove

Rinse under water

Rub off lint

Air dry re-use again


Do not use paper towel or cloth to dry. Fibers on paper and cloth will stick on and reduce adhesive features.


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