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Metal Plate Kits for magnetic mount

Having a spare MP-01 Metal Plate Kits to go with your magnet mount is never harmful; after all, they are extremely useful to make the magnet mount work .This  kits  includes rectangular with rounded corners, a circle plate with  3M  adhesive  and  one clear PU film.The MP-01 kits can easily stick to the back of devices  and  the magnet mount so that the device can be securely held in place with the mount.


Compatible with all phones to work with most of magnetic mounts

 Easy to attach onto device surfaces and to set up on the magnet mount for           

  safe keeping of the device

3 colors of rectangular metal magnetic plates and circle plate with 3M

  adhesive to choose

With clear PU film for easy to attach and remove without a hassle

 Best replacement and additional kits for digidock full series of magnetic   

  mount and other manufacturers


Circle metal plate

If user dislikes circle plate adhere on smartphones or cases directly,

   user can use the clear film.

Use the plate on the outside of  smartphone or protective case.

Rectangle metal plate

Put the plate between smartphone and case or inside of smartphone.
Clear film
The clear film can be used many times by wash to keep clean.

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