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MotorbikeMirror Aluminum Cradle

Universal Smartphones Holder (UC-06)

+ Mirror Aluminum Mount (MT-03)

Digidock offers a wide variety of motorbike and E-Bike mounts. A great new addition to this already extensive product line is our new twist and tilt base. Made of die and anodized aluminum, durability won't be a concern.

Simply place our easy to install mount onto the motorbike and E-Bike mirror clamp and you're done. After that, a world of mounting possibilities just opened up.


l Universal holder was designed for 4~6.3 smartphone.

l 3 adjustable arms and top-snap user-friendly design to make user slide in/out smartphone easily.

l Complete clamps and safety lock design which to hold the device sturdy.

l Soft holder grips and pads backing will not scratch your device.

l Easy to detach the holder from mount, then you can tidy the square connector up on the mount, to keep dangerous away.

l The Spherical anodizing aluminum process materials.

l The mount equipped with the spherical joints, for adjust the viewing angle in many directions quickly and easily.

l Completely with most of mobile phone, smartphones, GPS & camera (1/4 camera adaptor screw).

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