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All-in-one SRS Built-in MP3 FM Transmitter & Charger for iPod / iPhone / iPad / MP3 Player

The digidock AC-2260+ allows us to play/charge our iPod / iPhone / iPad / MP3 player in the car. Its FM Transmitter capabilities let everyone in the car enjoy the music from iPhone/iPod/MP3 player via cars speaker system. Also can enjoy the music from by USB pen drive or micro SD card.

Even its built-in SRS WOW improves audio dynamics and expands the audio image to create a natural 3-D listening experience.(SRS WOW is a patented technology that significantly enhances the quality of mono and stereo sound).



l All-in-one FM Transmitter and charger for iPod / iPhone / iPad / MP3 player.

l 4 FM stations preset for instant tuning.

l Read MP3 / WMA directly on the USB pen drive / micro SD card and other removable disks.

l Automatically saves the frequency and tune played last time before turned off, and resumes playing
    when power is on.

l Charges USB-Powered devices.

l LED indication for different play mode - Blue: Normal / Violet: Random / Red: Repeat.

l All functions can be operated by IR Remote (for USB pen drive / micro SD card only).

l Build-in SRS WOW technology to deliver amazing, full-range stereo sound.



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