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All-in-one Cradle Bluetooth FM Transmitter & Charger

The CF-3701FMXP allows you to cradle/play/charge your iPhone/iPod/mobile phone in the car. Its Bluetooth FM Transmitter capabilities let everyone enjoy the music from the iPhone/iPod/mobile phone via the cars speaker system in the car, with universal holder to hold your device tightly which offer the flexibility to tune your device in many directions. It can be easily mounted on the dashboard, windshield or middle console. Just find perfect position to mount and enjoy.


l Universal holder, Car Charger and Bluetooth FM Transmitter Module.

l Bluetooth 3.0+EDR, Class 2, effective range around 10 meters.

l 4 channels selection for better audio quality transmission.

l CA-2721 is a powerful and low profile design 2.1A car charger.

l FMXP-T1 Offers an USB port(5V/1A) for mobile device charging with own cable.

l 360簞 rotating connector and swiveling joint let you adjust the viewing angle of your mobile device 
      quickly and easily in many directions.

l Special "Smart Pad" design is suitable for windshield / dashboard and middle console.

l The "Smart Pad" is re-workable after cleaning and drying the surface of sticky material with water or
      alcohol softly when contaminated.

l Soft holder grips and backing that will not scratch your device.

l Connect 3.5mm audio cable from AUX output to your car, get more better audio quality directly.



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