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Mini Car Charger

CA-2412DB  allows you to charge your device powered by Micro/Mini USB and Apple connector what the cable you have in the car more Stably, Quickly and Safely.


l Low profile design.

l 1.2A USB charging port  for fastest possible charge.

l Work with the most USB-powered devices, including Smartphone, iPod/iPhone, GPS, DSC.

l Enclosed of SmartConverter is designed for compatible enhancement of device charging.

l Self-Recover safety function.

l Current limit protection, thermal shutdown protection and short circuit protection.




What is SmartConverter ?

Smart Converter - Enhances compatibility!

Since European Commission has reached a voluntary agreement with some of the biggest names in the electronics industry introduce a common charger for cell phones that fits all models. Many people ask for advice when it comes to USB charging because theyre unsure if a certain charger will work with their device.

Now you dont need to worry about it anymore, Digidocks Smart Converter is specially developed foryour smart phone which powered thru Micro USB connector.

With SmartConverter, make the charger not only charged to your iPhone/iPod or most USB-Powered devices, it also can charge to other smart phones which powered thru Micro USB connector when you need to charge in Car.

Furthermore, SmartConverter not only use for common USB car charger, it also can be used in PC /NB and USB wall adaptor.

How does SmartConverter work? 

1. Check your Smartphone if it powered by Micro USB port.  

2. If the answer is YES, then just simply plug SmartConverter into the charger, and connect with your
    Smartphone by USB Type A male to Micro USB female cable.  

3. If the answer is NO, then you dont need the SmartConverter.



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